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We depend on people like you to help serve with us at Hartville Thrift Shoppe. Volunteers are critical in every area. Find a community with us and complete the volunteer form today.

Current Needs include: 

  • Donation Receiving:  receive, sort and deliver donations to the processing stations
  • Hang and Tag:  get clothing ready for the retail floor by hanging, sizing and tagging them.  
  • Electronic and Electrical Technicians:   check electrical and electronic equipment; evaluate donations to determine if they are suitable for sale. 
  • Housekeeping-vacuum the retail floor; dust and generally maintain the cleanliness of the retail space.
  • Runners-move priced product from the processing area to the retail floor
  • Courtesy ClerkPackage customer’s purchases at the cash register

Why Volunteer:

  • Share your expertise
  • Hone your skills
  • Meet new people

You can find community with us

Complete our Volunteer Information Form here.       

Apply for Service Grant here.