Custom Experience vs Custom Website

Too many times people think that a custom website design is the key to new customers, but the reality is that potential customers come to your website looking for content.

It is more important that your site visitors have a custom experience than view a custom website.

A custom experience is created by thoughtful and concise website content that has been generated and tailored specifically to your needs. A great designed website is nothing unless it has great content. Site owners should invest the time required to ensure that the website content is well developed and unique. If your design looks great, and was built specifically for you, that doesn’t mean that people will leave the site with the information they need or a desire to purchase your products and services.

That’s why Google will penalize sites that have duplicate content, but does not keep track of duplicate designs. So if you’re a small organization on a budget, don't worry about having a spectacular custom designed website right now. Focus on maintaining a website that has excellent, informative content that will engage and intrigue your potential customers.